i2-CoRT Symposium: Complex rehabilitation technology: Bridging the gap between research, technology and experience


Last October 13th, the i2-CoRT partners organized the first project symposium. If you were not able to view the event live, or want to re-watch any of the sessions,  you can find them here.


Interreg, a history of 30 years of cross-border cooperation and regional development
Mark Vos, Coordinator Interreg Euregio Meuse-Rhine


Concepts behind the i2-CoRT project
Henk Seelen, PhD, Research coordinator Adelante Zorggroep – Centre of Expertise in Rehabilitation and Audiology, Associate professor department of Rehabilitation Medicine Maastricht University, project leader i2-CoRT project, the Netherlands


Q & A Mark and Henk


The importance of start-ups in Healthcare
Tom Braekeleirs, BlueHealth Innovation Center, Belgium


Q & A Tom Braekeleirs


Rehabilitation of the affected arm–hand in sub-acute phase post stroke
Han Franck, PhD, Occupational therapist and researcher Adelante Zorggroep – Centre of Expertise in Rehabilitation and Audiology, the Netherlands


Q & A Han Franck


Investigation of the influence of familiarization to robotic assistance on the performance of daily activities
Sybele E. Williams, Dr. rer. medic., Senior researcher, Department of Rehabilitation and Prevention Engineering (RPE), Institute of Applied Medical Engineering (AME) – Helmholtz Institute – RWTH Aachen University | University Hospital Aachen, Germany

The presentation cannot be shown due to publication copyrights


An attempt to catch the hand in the brain
Marc Michielsen, MSc Physiotherapy, Head of Paramedics and researcher vzw Jessa hospital, Rehabilitation campus SU, Belgium


Q & A Marc Michielsen


Introduction of new CR technologies in Rehabilitation: change management issues
Lara Marquet, Biomedical Engineer, Department of Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Sport Traumatology, ULiège, Belgium


Q & A Lara Marquet


Keynote: The next framework programme and new funding instruments
Carmen Laplaza Santos, Deputy Head of the Health Innovations Unit, DG Research & Innovation, European Commission


Q & A Carmen Laplaza Santos