Contact for general questions


i2-CoRT is a network of health care professionals, universities, university colleges, innovators and companies and consists of three test centres:

Adelante Zorggroep
Centre of Expertise in Rehabilitation and Audiology
Zandbergsweg 111
NL-6432 CC Hoensbroek

vzw Jessa Ziekenhuis
Campus St. Ursula
Diestsesteenweg 8
B-3540 Herk-de-Stad

CHU de Li├Ęge
Rue Grand Fosse 31-33
B-4130 Esneux



Do you have a general question for the i2-CoRT consortium? Would you like to know more about the ongoing studies and developments? Do you have a question for one of the test centres?

Please send us an e-mail at, and tell us your question/interest. We will get back to you soon.