The i2-CoRT project @ symposium “Technology in research and development for ageing resiliently”

Jessa clinical test centre was selected for a pitch and poster presentation at a symposium on “Technology in research and development for ageing resiliently” the 1 st of February 2020. The symposium was organised by the “University of the Third Age Fund for Gerontology” and “Voka Health Community”. Professor dr. Jos Trournoy (chairman of the fund), Hans Maertens (managing director VOKA) and Rudy Mattheus (chairman of the Flanders Care advice counsel) spoke about the importance and opportunities technology could entail for the ageing population. Co-creation and interaction between entrepreneurs and research is clearly needed to bring technology to the dedicated target group. However, within the ageing population there is a large variability in needs and capabilities to handle technology. Chris Van Geet, vice rector of the Catholic University of Leuven, mentioned this should be considered during development.

39 researchers and companies presented a poster on their efforts and developments in the field of “resilient ageing”. The Jessa clinical test centre presented the i2-CoRT project, with specific focus on co-creating developments in rehabilitation technology with enterprises, clinical experts, patients and academics to come to solutions that will aid amongst others the ageing population in a safe and targeted manner. Thus, helping companies to overcome the valley of death.


Luc Claes JessaLuc Claes presentation