The i2-CoRT project: one year into the project

The i2-CoRT project, aimed at accelerating innovation and implementation of complex rehabilitation technology, has been underway for more than 1 year now.
On Tuesday, May 28 th , 2019, a joint meeting was held in Adelante between the i2-CoRT Program Steering Group, in which all project partners are represented, and the COMAC steering group, in which representatives of Interreg Euregio Meuse-Rhine participate.
During this consultation, the successes and the progress of the past year were discussed and the COMAC members were given an overview of the activities and developments within the project.
After the meeting, a tour of the Adelante test centre was organized. An overview of the various functions of the test centre was given. A number of demonstrations were also given about the rehabilitation technologies being developed and evaluated at the centre. In this way, the visitors were able to experience first-hand how technology-supported arm-hand skill training with the help of robotics feels like.

PSG+COMAC meeting2 280519PSG+COMAC 2019 Participants