Wallonia e-health Living Lab

Namur, Belgium

The WeLL aims to put innovation at the service of citizens, patients, seniors and health actors. By integrating users into the heart of thinking, we anticipate changes and needs in health and ensure better ownership of innovations.

Specifically, the WeLL offers different services and implements various actions to help the protagonists of the health world to create new products or services that best meet the expectations of users. Through the mastery of proven methodologies, our network of partners and our technological knowledge, we facilitate health innovation projects, regardless of their degree of maturity and whatever their objectives.

The protagonists of health are together businesses in the MedTech / e-health sector as well as hospitals, mutuals and other private or public players, who want to bring a wind of innovation in their strategy and activities. The WeLL also concerns all types of users wishing to become actively involved in the health of the future: patients, seniors and anyone else interested in the subject.

The WeLL has a public action that can be summarized in three main objectives:

• Raise awareness: demystify the Living Lab approach and e-health among the general public and health stakeholders;

• Boost: Dynamize the MedTech and e-health sector in the Walloon Region;

• Connect: Create a network with Medtech and e-Health ecosystem to generate synergies and bring about fruitful collaborations.

The WeLL has also structured its services into five areas covering the full spectrum of an innovation process involving users:

ANALYZE: User-centric market studies

• Improve knowledge of user needs

• Detect unexploited innovation potential

• Confront and evaluate ideas and solutions

DEVELOP: Solutions co-design & co-creation

• Develop a perfect understanding of the uses

• Ensure an excellent ownership of solutions

• Create maximum value for users OPTIMIZE: UX (user experience) optimization and improvement

• Test solutions in real conditions

• Identify potential improvements

• Validate solutions with end users

STIMULATE: Implementation of user-centric innovation dynamic

• Exploit the innovation potential of a company, an institution, an organization

• Meet the needs of users by more involving them in the structure

• Improve the performance of organizations through a better structured innovation process

EDUCATE: Learn Living Lab approach trough customized training and action learning

• Learn user-centric approach challenges and Living Lab methodologies

• Practice in real-life with support of Living Lab expert

• Create and optimize interactions with your end-user community