University of Liège, dept. of Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Sports Traumatology

Liège, Belgium

The Department of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine & Sports Traumatology of the University of Liège has a great experience in research in musculoskeletal field and rehabilitation. ULiègeis a research organization whose one of its primary goals is research or experimental development with a wide dissemination of the results of such activities.Both medical and paramedical collaborators of ULiège have the abilities to work with disabled patients to evaluate new devices and techniques. ULiège has expertise in valorization of its knowledge and know-how in scientific literature, congresses but also by creating spin-off companies for example.Finally we have a great collaboration with the engineering department especially in the human motion analysis. Indeed, the motion laboratory of human movement (LAMH) has state of the art facilities which is essential for the validation of new technologies within the field of rehabilitation.