PXL University College, Centre of Expertise in Care Innovation

Hasselt, Belgium

PXL university of applied sciences and arts is strongly committed to the interrelation between education, research & innovation and services. As a catalyst and partner PXL is strongly dedicated to strengthening the innovation capacity of public and private organizations, both profit and non-profit through an interdisciplinary approach. The Expertise Centre for Health Innovation contributes to the i²-CoRT project expertise in the domains of technology-supported client focused training, assistive technology, product design (client centered), expertise and clinical network for elderly care , dementia, acquired brain injury and psychiatry. Moreover the Centre developed an Evidence-based methodology for product and service development to apply to the standards of quality care. The Expertise Centre SMART IT injects its expertise of motion detection, serious gaming, wearables and electronic measurement systems (Data Acquisition), automation, online platforms as well as expertise in rapid proto-typing. An important outcome of this project is the creation of a transnational cooperation and networking between healthcare -and research institutions and companies. PXL has the ambition to become a fixed value in this network and to use the accumulated expertise to facilitate companies in the development of evidence-based applications. It also wants to use the project results to increase the innovative capacity of the health sector both in the development of rehabilitation technology and healthcare technology to support self-reliance.
PXL sees tremendous added value in the development of cross-border cooperation to validate and valorize rehabilitation technologies and health technology in general. It has experiences in forming an interface between the clinical field, the companies and the university through the expertise in applied research. Her living labs (Universal Design living lab and Apartment Practice Living Lab) and skills lab can be used as a test environment in a home setting. Linking the Open Intelligent Rehabilitation Framework for client-centered therapy with technologies from partner regions can act within i²-CoRT as a pilot to test the innovative power of the network and to ensure successful implementation of new developed rehabilitation technology.