Adelante Rehabilitation Centre & Adelante Centre of Expertise in Rehabilitation and Audiology

Hoensbroek, the Netherlands (lead partner)

Adelante rehabilitation centre is the largest rehabilitation centre in Netherlands and has specialised, transdisciplinary knowledge and expertise in the field of rehabilitation problems, diagnostics, indication, prediction, treatment, use of assistive devices, evaluation and implementation regarding a multitude of diagnoses.

Adelante has a lot of experience in advising on assistive technology, devices and aids for patients/clients. This includes a large range of tools, from simple to very complex. We have a lot of knowledge as to end-users of complex rehabilitation technology, i.e. patients and rehabilitation care experts.

In terms of patients Adelante has a very large, and in terms of number of diagnoses comprehensive, rehabilitation adherence area (i.e. the whole of Limburg and, in collaboration with Revant RC in Breda, parts of North Brabant).

Adelante has a large network of suppliers of rehabilitation aids, devices and technology (i.e. both SMEs companies and larger companies).

Adelante Knowledge Centre (KC) has extensive experience in the design and implementation of clinical/scientific effect studies and implementation studies in the field of rehabilitation technology and other complex care-related treatments and innovations. In addition to our own research in the field of chronic pain, arm-hand skills problems and brain injury/traumatology, Adelante KC also participates in several (inter)national collaborations in the field of research & development.

Scientific research in Adelante KC concerns numerous of PhD and postdoc studies, (cost-) effectiveness studies, and development & evaluation studies in cooperation with ‘world leading’ industry, including the two largest producers of prostheses in the world, large pharmaceutical industry and a famous world leader in the field of electronics.

Adelante KC has also participated in various EU-projects, including INTERREG-III pilot study “Rehabilitation Robotics-1”, INTERREG-IVA VLANED “rehabilitation Robotics-2”, and “I-Travle”.

Various projects at Adelante are (and have been) funded by Dutch and foreign funding agencies. – Our program leaders have extensive experience with management of large and complex projects.

Dr. Seelen has over 30 years of experience in management of scientific/innovation projects. He has more than 90 publications in peer-reviewed international journals and is a member of various international scientific forums/boards.